Handsome & Handy

This is your formal invitation to come visit the Lane! Gather a few friends, your most comfy PJ’s, a couple bottles of wine (totally optional), along with your favorite crafting supplies and head on over. I promise you won’t be disappointed! I know, I know, the house doesn’t seem like much on the outside. The porch and large windows are nice for a country house, BUT how does that really help your crafting addiction you ask!?! I’m about to show you!

Split level home with Ramp entry directly into craft areas.

The house is built on a hill and the entrance is actually on the second floor. As you walk in, you can see why we decided this house was perfect for the Lane! The entrance opens up into two large craft rooms filled with 15 six foot tables. (Of course we had to tear down three walls to get it open, but that is a completely different blog!)


It then spills into the dining room and kitchen with the BIGGEST ISLAND you have EVER seen! I wish I could cook their everyday!

Off the craft rooms there is a small sitting room with a Daybed (in-case guests have trouble with the stairs) and the big TV. If you ever stop to rest from your crafting fury (as-if) you can enjoy our chick-flicks and games. That room leads to the stairway which takes you to the lower floor of the house.

DSC_5469Because the house is built into a hill, it is SO quiet and peaceful downstairs! I have had several people ask me about the mattresses we have, because they sleep so well in our beds downstairs!
There are four bedrooms with 3 to 5 beds in each. Each with their own special theme and comfy colors. You can choose to stay in the Pink boutique and have a girly sleepover with hot pink walls and black accents, or you can get more of a vacation vibe in the beach room. If you need a calming getaway the subtle shades in the Book Nook will work. Many guests have their favorite spot that they return to at each visit.

The Pink Boutique is the perfect spot for a party of 5

I know it is really challenging to look at photographs and grasp a real perspective of the house and layout. If you are considering the Lane as your next crafting retreat we would be happy to give you a formal tour. In the meantime I had an Idea……
You know how you ask your husband for something in passing and have no real expectations of it actually occurring. (Am I the Only one?) Well, check this out, sometimes it does happen! I had the idea to draw up a floor plan of BBL. Well lookie here….. you can click on the photo to enlarge it!

floor-workrooms(1)My husband has a motto (I believe stolen from a TV show) that says “If women don’t find you Handsome, They should at least find you Handy” Well, he got a few points on this one. He proved he is Handy and Handsome!floor-bedrooms
I want to convey how homey and comfortable, yet clean and functional, we try to keep the Lane. You can visit our “Tour” page to see more photos of the house. It seems I meet so many people who have heard of us, but don’t really KNOW us. We want you to KNOW and LOVE the Lane as much as we do! So for those of you who know us, spread a good word, for those of you who have heard of us come get to know us!

Come. Stay. Relax. Create!

We can’t wait to get to know you!

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